photo by Nelson Horsley photo by Nelson Horsley photo by Nelson Horsley photo by Nelson Horsley photo by Nelson Horsley

Welcome to Inspirational Nature Photography — Be inspired by beautiful nature photography, experience God's creation on a deep level, grow in knowledge of the good things in life, and be encouraged to spread inspiration to others.


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Meet the Photographer


photo by Nelson Horsley

Nelson Horsley is the featured photographer for Inspirational Nature Photography. You can get to know Nelson by reading his brief biographical sketch and his short essays. We trust that you will sense this young man's sincerity and his passion for photography. Nelson's beautiful images of nature are interspersed throughout this site and we are confident that they will cheer your soul.


Music that Inspires

Besides Nelson's beautiful nature photography and his writings, we have other features that we hope will inspire you. We understand the important role that music plays in our lives. It is vital to those of us behind the scenes at Inspirational Nature Photography. So, we've included a list of music that inspires. The selections cover a broad range of genres of music so we hope you discover something that you love. We want you to be intentional in the kind of music you choose to listen to.


Nature Poetry

To further glean inspiration from nature, Inspirational Nature Photography has started a collection of nature poems from famous poets like William Cullen Bryant and William Wordsworth. Here, you will also encounter more of Nelson's inspirational photography. As you read through these poems, we hope your imagination will transport you to a beautiful place.


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There are lots of other things to check out at Inspirational Nature Photography. We've included a list of other nature photographers that inspire us all. And if photography is your passion, we hope you find encouragement throughout our site. Also, be sure to check out our sponsors. We took great care in selecting high-quality vendors that share the goal of serving you in ways to bring cheer to your soul.

We are honored to have you visiting us and we truly hope that as  you explore our site, your spirit will soar. Be inspired!